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Real estate development involves many interrelated tasks carried out by a variety of highly specialized professionals over a long period. It requires a creative vision, extensive knowledge, and experience to bring it to life. 

NORF Companies, with its team of industry experts, brings a wealth of experience to various tax incentive development projects, such as Qualified Opportunity Zone Development, Federal and State Historic Tax Credits, Restoration Tax Abatements, Energy Efficiency Studies (179D & 45L), Height and Facade Easements, and Cost Segregation Analysis. Given the intricate framework and compliance requirements of these tax programs, NORF Companies assumes the role of your development consultant, providing guidance and specialized knowledge to ensure your real estate project is completed on time and in a controlled manner.

Development Consulting Services:

Our team of specialists will serve as your development consultant and help manage every phase of the development process including, but not limited to the following:

  • Property & Site Identification

  • Market Research

  • Zoning, Entitlement & Site Planning

  • Tax Credit Incentive Analysis

  • Budgeting

  • Design / Construction Oversite

  • Tax Credit Capital & Structuring

For more information regarding Development Consulting Services, please contact our team at or use the link below to reach one of our industry experts.

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