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Cullan Maumus

Managing Director

Cullan Maumus serves as Managing Director of NORF Companies where he oversees the identification, acquisition, renovation, and/or construction of each project. Mr. Maumus has been with NORF Companies since 2013 and has led the development of 70 projects representing an estimated 700,000 square feet valued at $160 million. He is a native of New Orleans, and served six years as an operations director for a New Orleans-based general contractor, and manufacturer of windows and shutters. In his role, he oversaw the successful completion of over 2,200 projects and managed approximately $9 million in company revenue annually. 


Mr. Maumus received his MBA from the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University in 2013  where he focused his studies on Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Finance. While at Tulane, he was the President of the Tulane Entrepreneurs' Association, and received numerous awards for his leadership, and service to the school and community. He holds a BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the University of Massachusetts, where he was a four-year starter on the University's Baseball Team. Mr. Maumus currently resides in New Orleans with his wife and three sons.

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