Opportunity Zone Fund

Opportunity Zone Program Overview

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 provides tax incentives for investors to re-invest any form of capital gains into Opportunity Zone Funds dedicated to investing in specially created geographic districts called Opportunity Zones. The Opportunity Zone program is designed to promote development in economically distressed areas throughout the U.S. by providing significant tax incentives to investors. The program offers investors three distinct tax benefits for investing in low-income communities through a Qualified Opportunity Fund:

  1. Deferral of the original capital gains tax until 2026 if gains are invested within 180 days of sale.

  2. Reduction of 10% for the original capital gains tax if gains reinvested in an Opportunity Fund are held for 5 years.

  3. Elimination of tax on capital gains for gains accrued after investment in an Opportunity Fund if held for 10 years.

NORF 4 Opportunity Zone Fund

NORF realized a great opportunity in the creation of an Opportunity Zone Fund to continue its mission in one of our core beliefs of investing in some of the most neglected communities across the gulf south. As a demonstration of NORF’s commitment to these ideals, up to 50% of our properties already developed are currently located within recently designated Opportunity Zones. As further evidence to our commitment, NORF Companies was honored by the Louisiana Landmarks Society with the award of excellence in Historic Preservation for 2019.


After the continuing success of the New Orleans Redevelopment Fund’s (NORF) first two private equity real estate investment funds and its first Opportunity Zone Fund (NORF 3 Opportunity Zone Fund),  NORF 4 Opportunity Zone Fund will leverage NORF’s unique expertise investing in some of the Southeast’s most neglected communities. The Fund will draw upon NORF’s extensive blighted property redevelopment experience utilizing Historic and New Market Tax Credits to optimize investor returns. NORF has identified and begun work on properties in markets including New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Houston, San Antonio, and will focus on additional areas of the Gulf South.

Opportunity Zone Fund After-Tax Impact

  • After-tax gains of an investment in an Opportunity Zone Fund can far exceed gains from traditional investment strategies.

  • The illustration below represents an example of an investor’s after-tax returns in an Opportunity Zone Fund investment compared to a traditional investment, both appreciating at 10% per year.


*Assumes a 5-year hold in the opportunity zone fund and a 10% step up in basis applied to the original gain.

**Assumes a 10-year hold, 10% annual appreciation, and a long-term capital gains rate of 23.8%.

Note: The amounts shown are not net of fees and carry in either the fully taxed portfolio or the Opportunity Fund investment. The is to illustrate the tax benefits of investing in an Opportunity Zone Fund prior to any fee structures.

Opportunity Zone Fund Timeline

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 2.53.50 PM.png

NORF 4 Opportunity Zone Fund - Investors

  • Sponsor Commitment of $1 Million of fund

  • Target capital raise of $30 Million

  • Investors must have capital gain within last 180 days

  • Must be an accredited Investor

  • Minimum investment of $50,000

  • New Orleans market developments will have DBE participation when possible.

NORF 4 Opportunity Zone Fund - Investments

NORF will use an opportunistic investment strategy, examining communities for their greatest needs. For example, in blighted and neglected communities, NORF may invest in redeveloping multi-family residences and improving access to fresh food markets.

  • Multi-family

  • Hotels / Hospitality

  • Mixed Use Commercial

  • Historic Tax Credits

  • New Market Tax Credits

  • Qualified Opportunity Zones

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