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About Us



We Buy 

NORF Companies  is constantly seeking opportunities for investment and development within the New Orleans Metropolitan area and the Southeast U.S. If you are looking for a buyer, developer, or investor in a property you own, please follow the link for more information.


We Rebuild 

A part of our dedication to the community is partnering with property owners to make the most of redevelopment projects. Please follow the link to inquire about partnership opportunities with NORF Companies. 


We Lease 

Through its investment and development efforts, NORF Companies is actively seeking to improve the City's housing stock. If you are looking for affordable housing in the New Orleans area, please follow the link to contact our NORF Management Team.


We Sell 

Founded by the Partners of NORF Companies, NORF Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage firm. Our partners have a combined 40+ years experience in all real estate transactions allowing us to professionally handle any real estate needs. For more information please visit the link.


NORF Companies is a privately-owned company focused on redeveloping neighborhoods in the Southeast.

By identifying strategic locations and properties, NORF Companies seeks to maximize each project's impact on the surrounding community while fulfilling its main objectives: contribute to blight eradication in the Southeast, improve the quality of each city's housing stock, continuously build upon efficiencies provided through strategic relationships and partners, demonstrate that New Orleans is a fertile ground for outside investments, and provide desired returns to investors and stakeholders of projects.


We take advantage of Federal and State Historic Tax Credits generated from the preservation of historic buildings. Historically, these credits have returned 30%+ of NORF fund’s investor capital. This provides significant downside protection to investors.


We take advantage of other available tax programs such as restoration tax abatements, 179D, 45L, cost segregation studies, and height/façade easements.

We are part of a vertically integrated real estate business with design, construction, development and property management under one team.